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Wedding Accessories Adelaide

Some women start with a dress and collect wedding accessories slowly, one by one, to create the perfect outfit. Other women start with a particular piece of jewellery (often an heirloom) or maybe a special pair of shoes, and then look for a dress that will tie everything together. In truth, the order in which you collect the pieces you’ll wear on your wedding day doesn’t matter as much as simply thinking of everything you want and being able to find it.

The Veil/Hairpiece

Many modern brides choose to forgo a full-length veil and some go without altogether. While there’s no understating the dramatic effect of a cathedral length handmade lace veil, there are many other options that are no less striking: feathers, contrasting colours (both made popular by Carrie Bradshaw in the first Sex and the City movie), fresh flowers, fascinators and jewelled tiaras, clips and headbands… the list goes on.


It’s important to match your jewellery to your dress (or match your dress to your jewellery!). Pearls and diamonds will complement any white/ivory/champagne coloured dress perfectly. Bear in mind that not all cuts of dress suit necklaces. Sweetheart cuts will look good with almost any style of necklace however if you’re planning on wearing a halterneck dress adding a necklace can look somewhat crowded – try a pair of drop earrings and a collection of bracelets to balance out your look.


Heels? Flats? Barefoot? Whichever you choose, bear in mind that you need to coordinate your shoes with the venue as well as your outfit. Your wedding day is all about love and grace, how will a pair of 15cm high Louboutins fare at a beach ceremony? Could you manage the heel and the full skirts of your dress over the uneven paving outside your church? Muted whites and ivories in satin are a favourite no matter what style you chose, pastels make a cute touch or go for bold colours and fabrics to make a statement.

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